Temporary Cancellation Policy Related to COVID-19 Pandemic:

Please note that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, I am temporarily suspending my cancellation policy to include cancellations of less than 24 hours for any reason related to COVID-19, which makes it not possible for you to continue with your scheduled session.

If you can provide 24+ hours notice, it is deeply appreciated, as this potentially allows for your spot to be filled by someone else in need.

My regular cancellation and missed appointment policy, including for illness-related cancellations, will resume once COVID-19 is declared by health authorities to be in a post-pandemic phase.

I consider any scheduled session that you have made with me important. Your session is for your exclusive use, and when it is cancelled with short notice or missed altogether, it is often too late or impossible to offer this time to someone else, and the scheduled time goes unfilled. I understand that cancellations may feel awkward, but very much appreciate a cancellation over a no-show.

Please note, as of July 2020 the following cancellation / missed appointment policy is in effect:

  • full 48 hours notice is required for cancelling appointments. Clients may contact me directly to cancel or reschedule their session.

  • If you cancel with less than 36 hours before your appointment time, you will forfeit  50% of the cost/allotted time of your session. If you're looking to cancel your free initial discovery call, you will only be permitted to reschedule one-time. This also applies to same-day bookings, which are subsequently cancelled.

  • Clients who fail to show up for a scheduled appointment ("no show") are billed for the full cost of their scheduled session

  • Clients who book using my Calendly link receive up to two emailed appointment reminders first, 3 days before their appointment time and another 24 hrs prior to a scheduled booking. Clients also have the option of adding SMS reminders before their appointment time. These reminders are a courtesy only; clients are responsible for keeping or cancelling their appointment regardless of whether they receive a reminder or not. If you are uncertain when your next appointment with me is, please contact me to confirm your upcoming booking.


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