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Hi there, I'm Katie Ross! I'm a Business Strategist who loves nothing more than crafting creative business strategies that breathe clarity and simplicity into the already hectic lives of entrepreneurs. Except maybe for tea...we'll call it a tie!


I help creative entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop and implement strategies, better communicate their value, explore their brand voice, and optimize their messaging to help them reach clients faster.

I’m here to show you how EASY it can be when you stop wasting time on the wrong shit and start spending time on the right shit.

Don’t get me wrong…I'm not the type to blow smoke up your ass about online businesses being easy, breezy, beach parties 24/7. Instead, I’ve made it my mission to bring a healthy dose of real talk to the table—because anyone selling you a luxurious 6 figure lifestyle in just 3 easy months is full of a whole load of shit.

Leading a business that suits your lifestyle IS possible, you just have to work for it. And I want to help you cut through the crap and get you focused on what will actually help you get there; no woo woo promises involved. Just simplified strategy, serious action taking, and a no-fluff approach to making your business WORK.

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Goal 1

Encourage everyone to shop small and to shop local as much as possible so that our communities can survive and thrive

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As for my personal and professional history...

I've guided thousands of owners through the incredible transformations that owning a business can trigger—been a part of some amazing product and service launches that take a business to the next level and have witnessed the rock-steady confidence that comes when they truly understand the how-tos and how-comes of building success in business.

The truth is I believe that everyone should have access to an opportunity at forging their own path both in career and in business. Going out on my own gave me the power to really roll up my sleeves and dig deeper than surface-level issues with the small business community.


Public Sector Work:

In my past life, I worked in Economic Development alongside Federal, Provincial and Municipal leaders designing and delivering programs serving the business community. I gained extensive knowledge and experience supporting small business owners with things like hiring, training, employee retention, start-up and business growth initiatives, and of course the part that everyone incentives that they were able to access allowing them to accelerate business growth.


I've spent a fair amount of time over the years volunteering to causes that are near and dear to my heart. I take any chance I can get to spark conversations in a classroom about employment, trades and entrepreneurship opportunities. I've volunteered for the past seven years on local boards such as The Eastern Workforce Innovation Board and Kingston Arts Council. And let's just say any pro bono work I may have agreed to over the years fall into the mentorship category.

My Philosophy


Foundation First,

Strategy Second


When in Doubt,

Test it Out


Don't be Affraid

To Experiment


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623 Fortune Crescent, Kingston ON