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business strategy

designed to help you gain clarity, confidence & clients so you can build success on your own terms.

Are you feeling stuck and unsure what to do next with your business?

Are you dying to quit the endless cycle of thinking about it but not doing it, and instead just f*cking START

Do you need someone to give you that PUSH to go bigger and sooner and free-er (and other ‘er’s) with your dreams and plans

Feeling paralyzed by all of the shiny marketing gimmicks online and unable to take action?

You're in the right place

Hey there -

Hi, I'm Katie Ross, a Kingston, Ontario-based strategist who loves co-creating DIY business roadmaps, discovering new creative conversion strategies and all things small business.

Together, we'll improve your business strategy, strengthen your calls-to-action, refine your messaging, and cut through the crap that's bogging you down.

My Philosophy


Foundation First,

Strategy Second


When in Doubt,

Test it Out


Don't be Affraid

To Experiment

Word on the street

"I reached out to Katie and did we EVER have an amazing discussion. We talked about steps I can take to reach totally attainable goals and she gave me some ideas, things that I can put into action right away that are getting me all fired up in a good way."

- Emily Prout, Arrow it Forward

"I feel so f*cking amazing right now! You helped me barrel through the biggest roadblock my business has been sitting on for years...YEARS!

Can't wait for our next session!"  

- Mike Wing, Wing Studios

"I don't know where we would be without the help we received from Katie. We came into business knowing practically nothing and she seemed to have all of the answers. I'm certain she saved us years of trial and error!"

- Christina Avery, Knifey Spoony

"I love how Katie met us where we were and was so accepting of what we do. Katie really makes an effort to validate you and we left feeling great about our business. Katie is hands-on and authentic."

- Jess, Crab & Moon




In this 30 minute session together, we'll get crystal clear on the direction of your business right now, and uncover what's holding you back so you can move forward with purpose and confidence.


At the end of the call, if it feels like a good fit, we can have a conversation about the different ways we can work together.




Perfect for the DIY business owner needing strategic guidance on a specific goal or challenge and needs to get moving again.

Together we'll get clear on your business vision and direction, set some goals & create an action plan that will guide you from where you are now to where you want to go all on your own.





The ongoing support that you deserve to accelerate success. Consider me as an extension of your team. 1:1 support combined with the accountability that you need to stay motivated and on track. Execute on your goals, look at what's working and what's not, brainstorm, troubleshoot and simplify your life.


My services are most effective for motivated business owners who are one or more of the following:

Online store owners

Creatives, artists + makers

Freelancers + solopreneurs

MLM style businesses + Network marketers


who DESPITE putting in all of the hours and being skilled at their craft - are STILL looking for strategic guidance, clarity & direction to help them reach new levels with ease

what else am i up to?

In early 2020 I launched, Inspire Local, an initiative to support small businesses that has since shifted to an e-commerce merch store with various “shop local” messages to help put money back into our local economies and raise awareness of the importance of supporting out local small businesses.

Ready to commit?

Let's do the damn thing!

Not ready to commit?

That's fine too - Check out my library of FREE downloadables for a DIY approach at business.